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5 Social Media Business Practices That Drive Me Bonkers

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

As a small business owner, I do three things. I trust my own intuition in how I want to proceed and move forward in my business, I get the proper training to back up my claims, and I use my moral compass in decision-making. Inside that framework, I watch and learn from people I admire, respect, and believe to be reputable AND successful at what they do. My reputation means a lot to me and I value my business ethics.

What comes to light, quite starkly, is the shenanigans practiced repeatedly by some business people on social media with a myriad of justifications for doing so that drive me bonkers. It runs the gamut from deception, obfuscation, and pressure sales, to downright, purposeful lying. Oh the excuses they use!

Sooooo, I have created my laundry list of what not to do in hopes that you will give it consideration if you practice any of these habits.

1. Public Shaming

I have been tagged several times for NOT engaging on someone’s social media page. There is the threat of deleting me as a friend because I haven’t behaved to their liking - followed, liked, commented, shared, or hung on every gospel word they speak. C’est la vie. They brag about culling the herd or deleting people who are “deadbeats” as they don’t measure up to their level of dazzling brilliance. We know how algorithms work. What are you thinking???? I did a little digging with this one. Every single person that did this, sent ME a friend request, and not once did they ever engage on my page. Every. Single. Person. Bye bye, toodeloo.

2. Offering Something For Free – But Not Really

If you offer a product or service for “free”, it needs to be free! Stop trying to make it ambiguous. No cost, no ties, no obligation to buy – ever. It is such a curiosity that people are offended when they offer a consult of some kind, and are thoroughly upset when someone doesn’t buy. There are numerous reasons why people try the free stuff. Stop being surprised by a no. It’s the nature of sales and you need to build in a high percentage of no’s. Oh, and back to number 1, don’t post on Social Media complaining about it. As my mother used to say, “Grow a brain”.

3. Sending Sales Pitches As Private Messages

Ugh. It starts with “How’s your day going so far. I have this fabulous product/service and I thought of you.” But I don’t know you from Adam. This is a boundary issue. Let me repeat that. It’s a boundary issue. Please don’t sell me your stuff in private messages. I liken this to being put on an email list that I never signed up for. If you wish to advertise and market your product, pay for the advertising, that’s what I do.

4. Clickbait – This one really drives me bonkers.

I am going to ask you some meaningless, pointless question, and I’m not going to do anything with the information except use it to gain engagement on my page. “Just curious….”, “Post the 5th picture on your phone…” “Oranges or bananas…”, “I need help/advise from the general public that I should really be asking an accountant, doctor, lawyer…” I’ll include games or quizzes that include revealing personal information. These are tactics used by phishers to get personal information including date of birth, middle name, pets name, mother’s maiden name, first school, places you’ve travelled etc. They are designed to hack your accounts. Just stop it.

5. Making False Claims

“International Bestselling Author”, fudging client numbers, “six figure income”, guaranteed weight loss, fake testimonials, “make you rich”, “I can cure your cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fix your marriage, bring you wealth”, blah, blah blah. Every one of these larger than life claims, is a huge red flag. Beware. Ask to see credentials. If someone claims to be the “best psychic in North America”, make sure the title was earned and given by a reputable outside source and not paid for from a marketing company. The title of International Bestselling Author is NOT earned by being at the top of a self-created Amazon list for three days because all of your friends downloaded your free e-book. It undermines your credibility and lacks integrity. Actual bestselling authors deserve the exclusivity of the hard work and talent required to earn this title.

All of these behaviours come from a place of fear – pure and simple. Honesty and truth is at the root of your genuine happiness and no lie will make that happen. The false security gained from winning a client will be a temporary band-aid and lead to chronic emotional dis-ease that will dog you with your every breath. Your body never lies. Do you get frequent headaches, skin rashes, stomach issues, constipation, etc. etc. etc.. It’s time for your ego to take a back seat. Tell the truth and watch your energy shift from survive to thrive.

I am a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Meditation Facilitator and Laughter Yoga Facilitator. If you wish to know more about me and what I do please send me an email, or sign up for my blog subscription. Thanks for the read. I welcome your feedback.


Susan Lee Woodward

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