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What a Medical Intuition

Scan Can and Can't Do

Medical Intuition (MI) is not a healing modality. It does give the client insight into what is going on in their body and their energy field. The body can give extremely accurate information on the root causes that influence any current medical condition and highlight physical, emotional and spiritual contributors. You cannot pick up a childhood trauma or past life issue with a blood test or an X-ray. MI can help uncover these issues and track to the source. Information comes directly from the body but can also present as a miasm (“an energetic imprint that carries the actual, potential or historical energy of a condition”), such as genetic DNA predispositions, past life (soul history), or current life such as family issues. Others include an inner child, overlay (someone else’s energy), totems (symbolic animals, birds objects etc.), or a circuit (many areas of the body interconnected that lead to dis-ease).


All scans are confidential and treated like a visit to the doctor. I do not diagnose illnesses or diseases. I offer insight into emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that are contributors to dis-ease in your body. There are many factors that contribute to health issues, such as a childhood trauma that is being held in the body. Body memory is powerful. Long after an event, the issue can become part of who we are and we can carry that throughout our lives. Caroline Myss – Medical Intuitive says, “Your biography becomes your biology.” Events can trigger illness. I am here as a guide to help you uncover these and facilitate your healing and wellness. 






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