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How Medical Intuition Works

SusanLeeWoodward - Medical Intuition

I equate a Medical Intuitive Scan to “plugging in.” Every living creature and non-living thing on the planet has a distinct and unique electro-magnetic energy field that resonates at a certain frequency. A Medical Intuitive taps into that unique frequency when conducting a scan. For example; all protons, neutrons, and electrons move elliptically around an atom. This energy is readable scientifically and can be measured empirically. While I don’t measure the electrical charge, I do tap into its unique qualities. Think of a comparison to a cell phone that is not connected to anything physically, but, energetically, with satellites that transmit your phone call to anywhere in the world. With all the millions of cell phone frequencies available to you, if you dial your sister, you will reach your sister whether she is across the street, or in a foreign country. I simply "plug in". 


Everyone has intuition. It’s that gut feeling we all have when we realize in hind-sight, that we should have trusted it. You know that expression, “The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife.” You can just feel that heavy energy when you enter the room. It’s the same when two people are very much in love. It fills a room with lightness. I let the body speak to me, then track the issue to its source. It is a learned skill that I continue to hone with practice.

This Medical (Body) Intuition technique is directly from my course training through - Lori Wilson's Total Body Intuition Training Manual 2012. While the text is my own, the technique (style) comes directly from the program.


Get started on the path to understanding the root cause of your dis-ease or discomfort,
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