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Medical Intuition, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Susan Lee Woodward, Meditation

 Voted one of the top 10 Reiki Practitioners in Vancouver
by Crowd Wellness
2015, 2016, 2017,and 2018

Voted one of the top 25 Intuitives
in Vancouver
by Crowd Wellness
2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

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Susan Lee Woodward Top 25
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Client Testimonials - Medical Intuition

Ladybug - SusanLeeWoodward

My husband (who recently passed) was an alcoholic when I first met him. The minute I said his name, he had lots of truth to share. 


The words and heartfelt honesty he shared through Susan as the channel, were so bang on of the emotional struggles he went through in life. Nobody knew this personal grief he kept to himself. It gave me goose-bumps. He left the words, "I hope you will forgive me for not knowing how to really love you. I was so scared, but, can you let me love you now?" Many tears where shed. I am relieved he feels no pain and is at peace and blissful.


My health concerns had remained a mystery, not only to me, but also, a nutritionist, doctors, and naturopaths. Intuitively, Susan found neurological issues, my white blood cell count is high and my spleen is on fire, so to speak. Systemically speaking, I have autoimmune like symptoms. I am not getting my REM sleep, and my hormones are out of balance.


Susan has great accuracy and tunes in fast. She is precise and confident in her delivery of the intuitive information. I would highly recommend her if you are seeking answers about your health! 


~ K.L., Coquitlam, Canada

I cringe to think of where and what I would be if I hadn’t discovered Susan. It was accidental – I was researching on behalf of someone else – but, as soon as I landed on her website, I felt that I must consult her myself. This was astonishing, because in my younger life I was gravely misled by a psychic who professed to have the same abilities, and I had sworn never to go down that path of enquiry again. However, from the very beginning of my first medical intuition session, I knew that I was benefiting from genuine and remarkable insight combined with wisdom, experience, compassion AND absolute professionalism.  Susan can be trusted one hundred per cent! I can’t emphasize that enough. Also, she passes on all information she intuits, without filtering or censoring, and that is another pillar of trust. I am sticking to generalities here because it would take pages to detail what Susan uncovered and illuminated for me in the course of many sessions. Medical intuition as practised by Susan links body with mind and soul to provide answers and insights that can be utterly life changing. They have been for me. If you are reading this because you are trying to make up your mind whether to follow this path of discovery, I hope my experience encourages you to take the first step. 


~ Marina V., North Vancouver, Canada

After my first session with Susan a few years ago, her readings became a safe space for me whenever it got too difficult to stay afloat on my own. Depression and anxiety are threads that have been deeply interwoven into me since as far back as I can remember, and she consistently guides me into light with her gentle, yet powerful intuition. Her accuracy and natural abilities genuinely never fail to blow me away, and I always walk away from our sessions feeling like my path has been relit, and the weight from my shoulders has been lifted. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone feeling lost, or seeking answers regarding their mental and physical health.


~ Elena B., Bulgaria

IMG_7586 2.jpeg

"The first thing I noticed when I entered Susan’s Medical Intuitive session was a sense of calm, peace, feelings of a long lost friend.

Susan is very much tuned in and meticulously went from head to toe identifying areas that I was aware of and some I wasn’t aware of. The entire scan was extremely calming and provided a relaxing ambiance. At one point my mum came through. There are no words to express how much I appreciated having that precious time with my mum. I am deeply grateful. It was an incredible experience. Susan you have an amazing gift!" Thank you


~ Kate Fox, North Vancouver, Canada

"Susan Woodward is an extremely talented Medical Intuitive/Healer, and I have been so fortunate to have her help me on a number of personal health issues. Her accuracy is uncanny, and the level of detail on what she can intuit and observe in the mind/body is absolutely astounding.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for answers as to why she/he has any symptoms or illness."


~ Rick Kuethe, Boston, USA


"I had my first session with Susan in January and I was blown away by her insights and accuracy. Susan's MI scans helped me understand what my body wants and why I've been suffering from digestive discomfort and fatigue for many years. Her insights helped me to understand myself more and gave me the clarity I needed to heal, grow and thrive.

Susan's sensitivity, gentleness, insights and ethics had me at hello! I highly recommend Susan for anyone looking for clarity and understanding in all aspects of wellness: mental, psychical, emotional and spiritual, to see her."


~ Faris Khalifeh, Vancouver, Canada

"My son and I had our first ever Medical Intuition Scan with Susan last month. It was amazing to see how she could tell many things about my son and his health without even knowing him. She was very accurate both on a physical and a behavioural level regarding his problems. I am deeply grateful to Susan and I highly recommend her. She definitely has a GIFT!"

~ Cynthia Medrano, West Vancouver, Canada

Medical Intuition, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Susan Lee Woodward, Meditation

"I contacted Susan as she was recommended by my best friend, also a healer.  She told me that she had found the most amazing medical intuitive. I immediately contacted Susan to ask for an appointment.  She has helped me immensely and given me insight into the root causes of my illness that had previously eluded me.  Her accuracy and ability is quite profound, she could see and give me specific details even down to the heavy metals in my body! With each session, she uncovers not only physical but emotional blocks.  Thank you Susan."


~ Nicole McMahon, London, England

“Many thanks, Susan, for a wonderfully insightful session; and your kindness and compassion too. You said a couple of things that I think have changed my life forever (in a good way!) and I’m very grateful to have spent time with you and heard your guidance. I’m recommending you to everyone I know!”


~ Tracey Wilkie, North Vancouver, Canada


"Your abilities are astounding. You went right to the heart of issues which are severely impacting my health. I've worked diligently on identifying theses issues for a couple of years and others have skirted near them, but missed the mark slightly. One degree is a lot over time.

I've counseled with other Western medicine doctors, intuitives, a shaman, and an ancient Chinese medicine doctor, no stone unturned. I have done inner work, forgiveness work, past life work, knowing there is an emotional key, but I did not think something from my childhood tied to my condition as a causal foundation. You explained it very eloquently.

No one has zeroed in on my issues as spot on as you did today, and so eloquently, thank you!

I certainly plan on spreading your information far and wide.


You are a true blessing."


~ Boo Barksdale, Texas USA

"Susan is a gifted medical intuitive. She uses her gifts with integrity, compassion, sensitivity and respect for her client. Everything she told me about my physical and emotional challenges was accurate, helpful and provided guidance for how to move forward in my self-healing. She is a wonderful resource whose insights can help accelerate personal growth and self-care. I recommend her highly!"


~ Margaret Terry Adler, West Vancouver, Canada


"A most appreciative shout-out to Susan Woodward, medical intuitive. This was my first experience with someone with her gift. What came from that and our conversation was a strong reminder that a specific old trauma is impacting me today. Surprising and yet not - and explains something for me that I needed to understand. Now that I know, I can find ways to help myself. I was also reminded that giving needs to be reciprocal/balanced, that I go overboard with resulting energy depletion. (I would give all day without pay.) I was also told to stop worrying about big impending medical problems - there aren’t any and I stress myself out with those thoughts. Finally, I was cautioned take care of my lungs, to notice what’s in the air, which is actually an affirmation of sensitivity that has grown in me over time to scent in all things, especially cleaning agents. So, let me end with this. I am deeply grateful for the miracle of synchronicity, that Susan and I came to be here at eWomenNetwork together on our souls’ journey, and for taking a chance even though at first I hesitated (okay, that’s bull - I was scared)." 


~ Miriam Linderman, Vancouver, Canada

"Wow did I get more than I bargained for! Susan started by telling me about who I was and how I got that way. She then moved into reading my body and told me things that no one could know without simply ...knowing. She reminded me of things I had forgotten and told me things I didn't know. To say the least it was an amazing experience. You will not regret booking this appointment! Susan truly changed my life. Thank you so much Susan. In gratitude..."


~ Julie Turner, Vancouver, Canada


"I had a brief MI scan with Susan. Everything that Susan said about me was dead on. I didn't tell her anything. I just laid on the table and allowed her to do her magic. I just couldn't believe how accurate she was, I was blown away. I found some information about my body that was extremely helpful and encouraged me to take immediate actions on some issues that I've been putting on the back burner. It gave me that jump to really take proactive measures on these things. I got an extremely warm vibe from her."


~ Shila B. Yelp Review

"Susan has such a lovely and peaceful spirit. Her inner light shines through and she makes you feel at ease. This was the first time I've every done Reiki and MI body scan. I was happily surprised about the results. Her readings were very accurate and she gave insight into some of the questions that I had...and didn't even say out loud. Her reiki session was soothing and calming and I left feeling refreshed and renewed. Such a pleasure to have had this done with her. Will definitely do it again!"


~ D.G

"I had a combined Reiki and medical intuitive session with Susan a few months ago. Although at the time I knew that it was an incredible treatment, I didn't fully realize how accurate she was until recently when I discovered she was spot on about physical issues she was seeing in my body. She told me things in precise detail that she couldn't have guessed, and the information helped me to inquire about things I may not have looked into had I not had a session with her.

In terms of Reiki, Susan had a gentle and nurturing manner and I felt the energy shift immediately. I felt very calm and safe in her presence.  These qualities are so important when allowing yourself to be vulnerable in a session.

I would highly recommend a Reiki or Medical Intuition session with Susan."



"For years, I had held the intention of having a reading with a medical intuitive. Having been unsuccessful in meeting the right practitioner, I had begun to doubt that this was an avenue that would serve me. Sometime after having first met Susan, I had my first reading. I now understand that I wasn’t meant to have had a reading by anyone but Susan. I have never felt so accepted and understood. Her insights were sharp as an arrow with regard to my health and the roots of my ailments, and the paths I have taken in my life. She was 100% accurate with specific areas & dynamics of relationships in my life that I had never shared with anyone. My experience with Susan was one of the most profound in my life and has left me with a sense of validation and clarity that was often in question. Susan has helped me not only to heal my past, but to better understand the depths of myself in order to discern what is essential for me to confidently fulfill my dharma in life. I could not be more grateful for Susan’s open, accepting, genuine and trustworthy heart, and her ability to get to the heart of the matter with such skillful precision. Without question, Susan’s natural ability is the most impressive of any medical intuitive I have ever met."


~ C.E.

Medical Intuition Pet Scan - See Molly to the right.

"I recently took my dog, Molly, to see Susan for a medical intuitive session. Molly is a rescue, so I didn't know much about her life before I adopted her. Having worked with intuitives before, I was extremely impressed by Susan's ability to connect with, quickly tune in and exchange information with Molly. I got some great insights into what she went through before I rescued her, which have really helped me understand her better. Susan also picked up on a recent minor injury Molly had sustained, but which I had not mentioned. I would highly recommend Susan as a medical intuitive for pets. She is gentle, kind and understanding, and also very skilled and accurate!"


~ Kira for Molly, Vancouver, Canada

Susan Lee Woodward - Medical Intuition Scan for Molly

I have enjoyed my scans with you over the years and always find them so helpful. 


Your words came so clearly to me, as if you were next to me saying them all over again. Everything made perfect sense. Understanding what drives the behaviour has given me peace. I am so grateful to you for this! 


The last few months I have been practicing mindfulness and not trying to 'figure everything out on my own' (another message from you). I am learning to trust if I remain open there is far more guidance available to me than I ever realized. This mom-connection a couple of months later feels like a great example of just that. There was no struggle, I just felt pure joy when her words met with your words and my mind exploded! 


I came across an old journal of mine last week. I dropped it and a folded piece of paper with notes from our first intuitive scan about eight years ago fell out-- this combo of events really has you front of mind for me lately!


That one line on a piece of paper was another reaffirmation that things don't always follow a specific timeline or even make sense in the moment. With each little lesson it is becoming easier to trust that what is meant to be will happen when the timing is right, and to just stay open.


All that said, thank you for all the wisdom, intuition, and insight you have shared with me over the years. You have had a very positive impact on me and again, I am so grateful.

~ Christie Ramsdale, North Vancouver, Canada

Medical Intuition, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Susan Lee Woodward, Meditation

"I have good allopathic medical information on all my health parameters, but wish to combine the factual with what my body, energy, and spirit are saying. This Susan did expertly, calmly, and with great insight beyond my expectations. Susan answered my specific questions clearly, and also gave me much more to consider and work with. 

My consultation was by phone as I live in France, and Susan is in Vancouver, so for now the work was very much at a distance....but only physically! 


Susan's way of working resonates so effectively, that it is as if she is inside one's body, and right beside you, tracking her way through and listening, observing all information she is gathering. 

My questions about my health, and an awful lot more, were answered fully, and I felt supported, engaged, and thankful for Susan's expertise. It has been a gift. I will definitely be working with Susan again, when I feel there is more to 'dialogue' with my body. 


One of my most favourite sayings resonates with me, about Susan's work.....

'The world is too dangerous for anything but truth, and too small for anything but love.'


Susan's work is a wonderful way of accessing truth in the spirit of love. Thank you Susan."


~ LD, France

Medical Intuition, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Susan Lee Woodward, Meditation


“I found Susan’s Medical Intuition reading thorough with an amazing amount of detail.  I don’t think there was anything she missed save one knuckle that has become arthritic.  I had asked her for a reading because I had a ski accident a year ago where I fractured my pelvis in a number of places.  My health practitioners, although very helpful, were missing something, I felt, largely because of the amount of pain I am in. Both my chiropractor and bodywork practitioner (who uses an extensive amount of modalities) followed Susan’s guidance that I emailed to them after our session.  They were amazed at her accuracy.  My sessions with them have been much more effective, and I understand more about where to concentrate my efforts with exercise. My fitness coach who concentrates on my gate also followed her lead. The key result for me - a lot less pain!  


Susan could ‘see’ emotional scars from my past that are affecting my body today.  Apparently I’ve been in fight or flight mode since I was 3 years old.  This was from the time my brother threw me down a flight of stairs. Susan didn’t know that.  I didn’t realize that I was still in that mode although upon reflection it makes so much sense to me now.  Susan has helped me to decelerate, ease off the gas, and relax. Apparently I have nothing left to prove. 


Thank you Susan!"


~ Pamela Pitcher, Jersey, United Kingdom

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