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  • Susan Lee Woodward

Gratitude Every Freakin Day

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I know what you are thinking. Gratitude has been done to death and why is someone, yet again, talking about gratitude and why we should be practicing it each and every day.


It changes your body chemistry – those feel good endorphins that make you glad to be alive.

It brings you closer to nature, family, and friends.

It gives you a genuine appreciation for what you have.

Gratitude has an extremely healthy effect on your body and helps to clear stuck energy that can lead to dis-ease and dis-comfort.

The alternative is an attitude of never having enough, lacking in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wholeness.

Gratitude creates a vessel where we hold enough in our hearts for ourselves and others. (I am enough, you are enough, we have enough.)

I Am Grateful….

  1. for my two healthy children. They have both had serious health challenges and today, they are grown adults living full and productive lives.

  2. for dear friends who support and love me.

  3. that I can use my intuitive skills to communicate with my brother, mom, dad, and granddaughter who have all passed. We share so much love.

  4. for clean water, safe food and a breathtakingly beautiful and safe place to live.

  5. for money in my bank account to take care of my needs.

  6. for my two adopted dogs Sassy and Chico who bring me so much joy.

  7. for my writing. It is my very breath.

  8. that I can see good in the world when there are a million reasons to be bitter and hard from experience. Perspective is everything.

  9. for the lessons I have learned on this precious journey we call life.

  10. that I can do a dancer’s pose in my yoga class for a whole minute without falling. My balance is improving.

It’s okay to notice unfairness, injustice, inequality, racism, and every other ism known to man. That’s how the world evolves when we take action to undo these harmful legacies to make it right. In the context of everything that is wrong in our world, it is still a beautiful place with love, hope, friendship, caring for the planet, our children, and each other.

Deciding on YOUR course of action that YOUR attitude will take in any circumstance, a shift in perception occurs that frees both the mind and the brain to emit the feel good chemicals that effect well-being and happiness. When a choice is presented about how to react, no matter what the circumstance, the one chosen will literally affect your health. What a powerful insight to know that controlling and actually choosing a reaction, presents a powerful gift that deserves an acknowledgement of gratefulness in itself. There are infinite possibilities to choose from and YOU get to decide.

What are you grateful for? Share and challenge a friend to post whatever they are grateful for. Help me send a million shining, brilliant, sparkly, hits of gratitude to lift the vibration and shine a light on what we are meant to be – passing the torch of gratitude so we can all bask in that deliciously healing blanket of love.

~ Namaste

© Susan Lee Woodward - 2016 - This article in its entirety is protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. Reproduction of this written content without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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