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  • Susan Lee Woodward

Inspirational Messages - Lead by Example

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Following is a list of 5 inspirational quotes from people I admire and respect that move me to be a better and more enlightened person. I honour their messages, share their light, and strive daily to lift my spirits in order to create a mutual bond of awareness, insight and connection with others individually and collectively. You have that same beautiful light inside of you that serves no one by playing small. Lead with your heart, set an example, and move into the light with assuredness and conviction. Trust your intuition and create a space on this podium for you. We are all equal. As Gary Zukov states, “We are neither above nor below anyone.” Learn the lessons, grow from the experience, pass on what you know.

Dr. Maya Angelou

While it is important to show compassion and love for all people, it is imperative that you take care of yourself first. Disrespect is not acceptable. Bless those who are serial abusers and send them on their way. Honour your light.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is where faith and trust in the unknown is crucial to success. Set the intention that it will work out as if it has already happened. You create the vibration of a successful outcome and set in motion a chain of events where the universe conspires to make it so.

Caroline Myss

In all my experience as a medical intuitive I see many current life health issues with trauma and emotional baggage attached and stuck in the body to create dis-ease. Anything good that results in success requires good old-fashioned elbow grease. Do the work of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to create the life you desire. It requires dedication to get to the root of the problem, face it with grace and release it to your higher power. Energy follows a path. Blaze a good one.

Pema Chödrön

We will survive together or we will perish together. It is incumbent on every person to connect with others in loving and positive ways that lifts mankind to higher levels of consciousness. Protect the planet and its resources. Protect the children from harm and intervene loudly and often when human rights are violated. Send love to all creatures, even when you think they don’t deserve it. That’s where it’s needed the most.

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements

  • "Be impeccable with your word.

  • Don’t take anything personally.

  • Don’t make assumptions.

  • Always do your best."

Tell the truth – honesty with self.

What someone thinks of you is none of your business.


Take action – from baby steps to leaps of faith.

Please share your favourite quote and why it inspires you.


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