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Shyness - How Emotions Can Attach to the Body

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I recently came back from a Writer's Conference on Maui hosted by Hay House. I had the pleasure of hearing and meeting Nancy Levin, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, and Reid Tracy (President of Hay House). The main theme was how to build a platform, to showcase my talents as a writer, and, have the opportunity to share my message with the world.

So…the million dollar question is “What will I be writing about?”

I know Stuff!

As a medical intuitive, and empath, I have been able, with my minds’ eye, to “see” into another’s energy field and report, without censoring or diagnosing, what the body shows me. Just the facts Ma’am. Your body holds memory in cells, tissues, and DNA. Emotional, physical, and spiritual contributors, past life issues, and trauma, can all attach and “stick” to the body.

“Our biography becomes our biology.” ~ Caroline Myss

My childhood memory...The agony of childhood shyness

The perfume of an ad nauseam array of flowers, filled the air with a thick, sweet, throat clenching taste, that leaves one loathe to take a full breath for fear of choking on the scent. Flowers – they were in every room, on every table, in every breath. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Left alone – finally! How is that possible? The house was filled with people; laughing, talking, drinking, eating. Why were they laughing? My brother just died for fuck sake! “Where’s my mom?”

As I wandered from the living room to the kitchen, I was surrounded by fussing, busy body do gooders, “helping” with all the necessary tasks of feeding this herd of parishioners, who came to pay their last respects to Greg. Did they even know him?

I stood in the centre of the room and felt painfully isolated - the sound of the crowd dulling as the conversation between my father and the minister made its crescendo known with increasing volume and intensity. Not a conversation really – dad was sobbing, drunk, and questioning the validity of the ministers' conclusions about the horrific motor cycle accident that took his sons' life – his “only” son. The minister tried in vain to close the coffin lid with words that brought my father excruciating pain at the thought.

My dad replied, “Why did God take away my ONLY son?" With the naivety of a six year old, I blazed a thought pattern groove in my brain, in that moment, what would shape my life’s patterns, idiosyncrasies, career choices, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And so, the blossom started to wilt, shrink and die – shyness had captured this little girl’s passion and caged it. Fear; fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being seen. I thought that my father’s grief and unbearable sadness could be lessened if it had been one of us - one of the girls. You see, there were four girls and only one boy, the prodigal son, the prized child. Since there were four girls and one boy, it made sense that we were more replaceable. Didn’t it?

With my fathers soul crushing admission, my life irrevocably changed. Boys were more important than girls. After all, it came from the mouth of a man I adored and loved.

Coming full circle, this thought pattern groove in my brain has been rerouted. A new trail is open and well travelled. The old one is overgrown with weeds and soon will be impassable. This example is just one of many that can be exposed, revealed, and captured during a Medical Intuitive Scan, that can help bring awareness to underlying and root causes keeping you stuck and unwell. My journey to wellness and integration has been very rewarding.

I invite you to share this adventure with me, through soul-bearing stories, guts on the table, life lessons. I have been through much trauma, abuse, a terrifying near death experience, toxic relationships, break-through after soul wrenching break-through of spiritual growth, honing my intuitive and healing skills – and viola! – I have arrived.

My name is Susan Lee Woodward and I AM a writer.

© Susan Lee Woodward - 2015 - This article in its entirety is protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. Reproduction of this written content without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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