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Natural Versus Normal - The Pandemic Blues

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Natural Versus Normal –The Pandemic Blues

Since the pandemic distancing process began, I have done my due diligence by staying at home as much as possible. I take the dogs for walks with ceremony as we promenade down the boardwalk while we do the separation dance with the neighbours to ensure any and all viral vermin stay as close to home as possible. I wash my hands often – they are cracked and sore. I even use my sleeves to open doors. Since I do work shops, and have lost a great deal of potential income, this opportunity of sorts, has given me the gift of contemplation and reflection. My government imposed “Normal” begged the question, wrapped in my anxiety and fear, what the hell is Normal?

I have been a cog in the wheel of Normal as opposed to Natural. Don’t get me wrong. I have always been a rebel. I don’t think I have ever voted for a winning party and I certainly have rocked a few boats with Women’s Rights marches, Peace marches, and championing the force to the backlash against– God forbid – women getting equal pay. The challenge I am taking on is the return to what is Natural.

It’s a revolution of the mind and body, using my intuition as the platform. I want to get back to what really matters to me, to say exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say. I want to feel fully alive and bursting with self-love and compassion for all sentient beings. I want to smell the rain, drink in the beauty of a sunset, roll in the grass, and love with playfulness, wishing for the most healing and cathartic world imaginable. Freedom, growth and genuine happiness could NEVER have been sustained with the old order.

I implore you to learn from this virus (the great equalizer), to examine your true needs, to ask how much money is enough, and to shed the addictions and compulsions that brought you here in the first place. Please do not isolate only to replace the old addictions with some new ones, until that dreaded Normal returns. These are pale substitutes to avoid the root cause of unhealed trauma/drama. This opportunity for reflection is a chance to create something Natural by seeing (taking an honest look in the mirror), and challenging the outdated paradigm.

This tragic, sad, and omnipotent world wide, empirical event has provided an opportunity to look inside your heart, and to reveal what truly matters. Look deep and long into the ocean of your soul. What you will find is pure love.

Note: I am not immune to the suffering and loss of life that is the fallout of this pandemic. This regulated need to stay inside literally, provides a chance to go inside metaphorically. I am asking you to see this picture as an opportunity to examine what is working in YOUR life, and what needs to shift.

There isn’t one possession that will ever take the place of a loving relationship, or a vacation experience that takes your breath away, or helping someone do anything of value (picking up their groceries, delivering a meal, offering a ride, giving them the dignity to make a mistake and apologize - kindness).

I share my home with two Dachshunds, Chico and Sassy. My current loneliness status is palpable, a fallout of the distancing. It is in my nature to connect with others, to hug often, and to share at a deep level, life’s tribulations and joyful experiences. While I cannot engage physically, I will adopt the habit of genuine heartfelt connection. Not only does it feel good to me, it strengthens immunity, builds solidarity, and offers us all a chance to bring a deeper meaning to why we are here, which is to grow in love, in all its forms, with everyone on the planet. Say hello to your neighbour, hug your children, do something kind for a stranger, and please, please, please, put the damn phone away.

Do you want to be Normal or Natural?

I have provided this following list as a guideline. Please feel free to add to it with your comments. Namaste

The Normal Versus Natural Pendulum

Normal - Accumulating things

Natural - Accumulating experiences

Normal - Holding a grudge

Natural - Forgiving – even if you have to let someone go

Normal - If someone wronged you, hold on to it until the day you die

Natural - It’s not personal: let it go

Normal - Looking out your window into a sea of 100’s of other gray buildings

Natural - Walking in nature

Normal - Rushing to work, then home from work, then rushing out to meet friends, mowing people down because you are in a hurry

Natural - Rising early, having breakfast, waving or saying hello to people you pass, making eye contact etc.

Normal - Looking away when you see a homeless person

Natural - Looking a homeless person in the eye and saying, “Good morning.”.

Normal - Saying something dishonest/dubious about your work. I am an international bestselling author, I make six figures and you can too. Let’s do coffee. I want to learn all about your business. Lying by omission. Fudging expectations on purpose. Promising what you knowingly can’t deliver on a product or service.

Natural - This is what I do, this is my fee. How can I be of service to you?

Normal - Using your cell phone while lunching with someone, on a date, in a meeting, in the classroom – the most insidious addiction I have ever seen.

Natural - Giving someone your time (children, parents, friends, partner, anyone!)

Normal - Saying yes when you don’t mean it and saying no when you don’t mean it.

Natural - Setting clear and honest boundaries. I like pizza. I don’t like horror flicks.

Normal - Bragging about accomplishments. Exaggerating accomplishments.

Natural - Stating facts.

Normal – Fear of being seen for whom you really are. Not being good enough.

Natural – Being comfortable and being honest about yourself. No filters required.

Normal – Cheating on your taxes or other legal documents. “Everyone does it.”

Natural – Contributing your share for the common good.

In love and light

Susan Lee Woodward

I am a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Laughter Yoga Facilitator and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Meditation Facilitator. If you wish to learn more about any of these modalities please have a look at the rest of my website. Feel free to send me an email and ask questions.

© Susan Lee Woodward - This article in its entirety is protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. Reproduction of this written content without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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