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Reiki Ascension - One Friends’ Journey Across the Threshold

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Reiki Ascension

One Friends’ Journey Across the Threshold

I am sharing this intimate event with you at the request of my dear friend/teacher/mentor Sandra. She passed in December from cancer. She practiced and taught Reiki and was the embodiment of the sacred principles of her craft. It is her desire, and my privilege, to take you through this “divinely blessed” Reiki journey.

The last conversation we had was over the phone in late November. I knew something wasn’t right…so I phoned. She shared with me that she was dying as “it” had returned and she was refusing treatment. She was done with this life and preparing for the next stage of her journey. I asked permission to do Reiki on her body and she said yes. I asked if there was anything else that I could do for her. “Yes”, she said in a serene, matter of fact voice, “When I go, will you perform the ceremony to close my chakras?”. “I would be honoured.”

The day came – her body died. This is the overview of the ceremony for Sandra. Energy never dies; it just changes form.

I cleansed the room, cleansed the body, and allowed the energy to flow through me to do the necessary work and send her on her way. The whole ceremony took about ½ hr. Our bodies have 7 major chakras (energy centres) and I proceeded to slow down, reverse, and close each one in order. I then pulled the energy from her body for a lighter ascension.

As I performed this spiritual ritual, I experienced a beautiful rainbow over the body from head to toe, bathing her in breathtaking beauty and light. I sobbed as I felt her last stream of air drain and move through and out of her body. She hovered above me watching every sequence (always the teacher). Rather than dissipate, the energy in the room became a rising crescendo of love, peace, and acceptance. She was pleased.

In the final moments before she left, in my minds eye, I saw her slowly walk towards the portal of pure white light energy, turn for just a moment and smile that Mona Lisa smile I know so well. Then she turned and walked into the spinning energy. At this point, she moved as if traveling at the speed of light, and swoosh, she was gone.

She had passed graciously through the veil, then the portal, to another plain. She is asking me to emphasize the calm and ease of completion of this journey. The body was gone and the fulfillment was complete – no pain, no regrets, no fear - just a pure outpouring of love.

The chords were cut, the energy released, and the next stage of the journey begun. Like a birth in reverse – back to source. I love you, I miss you, and I carry your teachings into my practice with reverence and respect. Thank you for being my teacher.

I am a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Meditation Facilitator and Laughter Yoga Facilitator. If you wish to know more about me and what I do please send me an email, or sign up for my blog subscription. Thanks for the read. I welcome your feedback.


Susan Lee Woodward

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