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  • Susan Lee Woodward

I See Dead People - The Sixth Sense

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

While I don’t profess to be an expert in the realm of Mediumship, I have had some training in channeling and connecting to people and pets that have passed over to the other side.

After “speaking” to and “seeing” a number of people in that realm, I can assure you, that they are there, that they are real, and often there are valid reasons for connecting.

Spiritual energy is constant and always around and guiding us if we only stop to check in and pay attention to the messages that are coming through. Energy never dies, it just changes form. It is also important to note that healing doesn’t always mean healing the body but rather sometimes passing and letting go of the physical form to ascend this lifetime - a sure way to relieve oneself of pain and suffering whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

I talked to both of my children before they were born and connected with them. I also speak with my grand daughter Madeline often. She died of SIDS at 4 months old. My mother and father also are near and I communicate with them by just asking. I am closer to my mother now than when she was alive. I have been able to make amends, forgive her for the mistakes she made, and move on to a deeper place of love and understanding. The person does not have to be here in physical form for you to connect. The essence of a person does not die. The empirical body is no longer required - essence is eternal.

So, why would this supernatural sixth sense of tuning in to the other side be of any use to us or to the ones who have passed?

  • Connection – Often, a parent, sibling, or child will make attempts to connect for the singular purpose of expressing love. It’s a way to show that they support you, are near to connect in love, and to offer encouragement when you need it the most. In times of crisis it is palpable. When we are in our own pain and grief, it can be hard to sense. Sit quietly, ask for guidance, and pay attention.

  • Closure – Spirit has a way of allowing us to say goodbye, I love you, or I’m sorry one last time. We can either give or accept an apology. Often times the personality of the spirit will come through with a joke, humour, or a character trait (a stance, or a remark). My dad often said, “What a bunch of bullshit.” I will hear this expression when someone is lying to me.

  • Forgiveness – A long-standing grievance can hang in the balance and effect the lives of many people unless they are resolved. Forgiving an abusive parent, letting them come through with an apology, passing on an I love you, can heal and mend families. These simple acts can create a dominoes effect in the family structure. To accept an apology or give one is remarkably healing.

  • Letting go of Anger – There can be deep-seated anger towards someone who commits suicide, or has a “wasteful” death from a drug overdose. Being left behind to pick up the pieces can leave the living to suffer. Guilt and shame are also carried. Allowing the luxury of getting out all the anger and expressing it to spirit is a healing process and allows honest feelings to be released. Spirit is loving and will always forgive and support you.

  • Knowing That Each is Okay – The most important reason to connect with spirit for each party is knowing that each is okay. If someone was in pain for a long time before passing, then the message shared is that the pain is gone, they are at peace, and all is well.

You can connect with spirit by tuning in to the sensations, smells, feelings, and thoughts that both resonate and remind you of a certain someone. When spirit speaks, stop and listen. You will know who is sending the message, and why. They love you, they support you, and they are always with you. I guarantee it.


Please let me know if you have had any experiences with spirit. I would be honoured to share that experience.

© Susan Lee Woodward - 2015 - This article in its entirety is protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. Reproduction of this written content without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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