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When Angels Speak - Channeling Madeline

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I have been guided to share this message with you today.

“Dear Grandma:

I know I am on your mind today because, of course, it is the day that I passed. I know you are hurting so please bear with me what I am about to say. I know you love me, I know you want me back in your life, but I simply can’t. I have moved on to a new energetic way of being and I am asking, no begging you to do the same. I see you struggle to find love, acceptance, and a place in the world that makes sense to you. I am telling you that you are loved and accepted every moment of every single day, because you were created to serve and shine your light brightly. It doesn’t matter that what you feel with your earthly senses cannot “see” what I see. I know it for a certainty. You do have a purpose and you are living it, even if you don’t know it. The universe knows and I am sharing this wisdom with you. Don’t play small. Don’t listen to the ones who tease, mock or abuse you. You are on the right path, you are deeply loved and this short journey you are on is just a microcosm of an infinite picture that you are a player in. Every breath you take contributes to the uplifting of souls. Embrace your life and live without the fear of letting me go. I know you have grieved, I know you have suffered. Now, I want you to get on with your life, live to the fullest and don’t ever think that I measure how long you have grieved for how much you loved me. It is palpable. I love, love, love you. I am here always.”

This channeled message was delivered today through me, by my grand daughter Madeline May Stephenson. She was born on May 4th, 2007. She died almost 4 months later on August 27, 2007. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was the “cause”. It didn’t make any sense then and it still doesn’t today. I have however, learned a few things along the way I’d like to share as words of wisdom that I live by. In the closing prayer of the countless Alanon meetings I attended, reads,“…take what you like and leave the rest”.

  • Never miss an opportunity to show love. Even if you need to walk away and grit your teeth to hold back that one thing you know you shouldn’t say that will surely crush a soul or ruin a relationship. Buy the expensive flowers, leave work early, take the walk when you are tired, smell the roses.

  • Give people your time. No one ever said on their death bed, “ I wish I’d worked one more day.” Treasure the time, not the stuff.

  • Share everything that is important to you – hopes, dreams, fears, love, tears. Sharing with someone you love, eases the pain, and comforts the soul.

  • Don’t let your grief override your joy. When someone dies, grieve fully and honestly. Don’t hold anything back. Speak of them often, hold them in your heart, but remember to let go of the pain. That is not where the love resides. Remember the joy, the laughter and the love.

  • Embrace change. It is vital to move with the flow of life, except the changes that are inevitable, and learn to let go of fear of the unknown. It will set you free.

  • Colour outside the lines, take ballroom dancing, skinny dip, dare to dream – then do it. Don’t wait for permission, approval, your spouse. Make the time to do what turns you on and feeds your soul. If it makes you feel alive with purpose, then you are on the right track.

  • Learn to live in grace. We are all human an no one is perfect. It’s still a good ideal to shoot for when we can stay silent in the midst of chaos, observe, reflect and respond with thoughtfulness and love. You don’t have to win all the time. Let it go. See what that feels like.

  • Even with all the pain, heartbreak, suffering, abuse, contradiction, and paradox, it’s still a beautiful world. There is nature, harmony, joy, love, sharing, great feats of courage and compassion. Live in that world and learn to forgive the rest.

You can connect with your loved ones. I encourage you to sit quietly, reach out, and ask. See what comes up. Listen with your heart. Then share the love.


© Susan Lee Woodward - 2015 - This article in its entirety is protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. Reproduction of this written content without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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