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Pay Attention to the Signs - Intuition Beyond Your 5 Senses

Updated: Jul 22

Pay Attention to the Signs – Intuition Beyond Your 5 Senses

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a relative that has passed on, smelled their perfume, or heard their voice as a whisper in your ear? Do you smell pipe tobacco, or see numerous messages in a day (street signs, license plate numbers, mannerisms), as reminders of your father, brother, or best friend?

These are intuitive all-knowing messages that go beyond your five senses. When we tap into our intuition, we cross a threshold of sensations into another realm of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

My father in law Bert passed away a couple of years ago and his unique way of showing his presence is by leaving physical obvious clues of dimes. They can be in the oddest places but always at the right time, when I need to hear his wisdom or know that he is close and watching over me.

I am going through the painful process of divorce and he has come often to me with words of comfort, love, and protection. When I met Bert, he was in the final stages of his life with Dementia and a series of strokes under his belt before he let go of earth life. He loved me and knew that I was a strong and loving addition to his world. He looked to me for guidance as well. We intuitively spoke often and he shared his deepest desires and hopes for me. Since his passing, that relationship has continued as strong and intact as ever. Energy never dies; it just changes form. The mechanics are based in quantum physics where time and space are irrelevant. This is how we can connect to people we love after they have left their physical body.

Pay attention to the signs when you are strongly wishing to connect with someone who has passed. You need to get quiet, stay present and just observe. Think of the metaphor “stop and smell the roses”, to practice and hone this skill. Tap into those sensations beyond the veil and your world will grow larger with the communications beyond anywhere your cell phone will ever take you. Use this as a simple guide when “signs” show up.

Clairvoyance – Seeing an actual vision or something in your minds eye (feeling the vision), seeing colours (opaque or vibrant), a hologram image, or even a shadow outline – these are images presented to you for noticing. Stop, observe and see if there is a message attached. It may be as simple as "I am here for you".

Clairalience – smell. In my practice as a Medical Intuitive and Channeler, I smell perfume, salt water of the ocean, a favourite food, and flowers etc., that are specifically notable for that deceased person. Smells can be strong indicators of a presence. When you notice, take a brief moment to inhale the memory and wait. Is there more? Say thank you. Carry it with you as you go about your day.

Clairambience – the ability to taste something that isn’t “there”. I have tasted metal, tobacco, food, infection, with a host of sensate additions that lead me to a specific person. Samurai warriors would reach a point of refinement where they could go through a tea ceremony drinking, tasting and swallowing the tea, with an empty cup. The energy of the tea was there and very present.

Clairaudience – hearing beyond the physical.

Messages of encouragement, hope, and love are often energetically present in memory and thought. If you connect intuitively, you can hear the voices. Sometimes they will speak without words.

Be open to other phenomenon like smelling colour, or tasting music. With practice, your intuition will hone, increase in accuracy and intensity. Your mind will expand and your world will grow in miraculous ways. Let the light in and watch with love and compassion, the growth of old relationships renewed and restored.

My father in law showed up last Saturday in Ambleside Park as I dashed for cover in the midst of a rainstorm. I stopped in my tracks to retrieve the dime, turn it over in my hands, and plant it safely in my pocket. That seed of information came and left as quickly as the downpour. “I love you”, was all he said. I knew in that moment that I was going to be okay. I love you too Bert.

If you wish to learn more about Medical Intuition or Channeling please send me an email and we can chat.

Peace & Blessings


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