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Bird at The Window - When Spirit Speaks

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Have you ever wondered how spirit communicates on the earth plane? Have you ever had goose bumps, whispers, hot or cold sensations, the smell of smoke or perfume for no earthly reason? Do animals or birds show up at exactly the time you are reminded of, or thinking of, a deceased friend, relative or parent? That is spirit speaking to you in subtle ways to deliver messages, showing you that you are not alone, and, that you are surrounded by loved ones.

If you are a skeptic, then put these scenarios into the scientific realm of quantum physics where time and space are irrelevant. Energy never dies; it just changes form. Think of H2O with the transformational qualities water (liquid), steam (gas), or ice (solid). They are the same thing, but present very differently.

I communicate with my grand daughter Madeline, my father Neil, my Mom Helen and my brother Greg, who all have passed over to the other side. Sometimes they bring messages of support and encouragement, or when I request that they be present for me, when I have a question or want spiritual advice. Remember the quantum physics of energy. Entities can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. There are no restrictions. That is why you can communicate with loved ones anytime you tap into that energy realm and pay attention to messages, signs and signals that are reminders of love and support.

Let me give you an example of a very memorable personal experience that connected me powerfully to my dad when he passed.

My father Neil died of cancer on April 24, 2005. His time from diagnosis to death was very brief. He spent a few days in the hospital and then went straight into hospice for the last six weeks of his life. My dad was a heavy smoker so it is not a stretch that cancer is what ended his life. What is remarkable to me is that he lasted as long as he did here on earth. We all have our karma, lessons, and lives to complete before we move on.

In those last six weeks, I drove from Kamloops to Penticton, to be at his bedside, every weekend after work, to spend time, share memories of childhood, and watch his body whither away, losing almost 20 pounds in one week. During this time, we reminisced a lot and he talked often about his brother and sisters, connecting energetically with them. He would ask me who was alive and who had passed, as they had all presented to him with clarity, on his deathbed, as if they were standing in the room. He could see them all.

While my daughter and I were visiting my dad one particular weekend, he exclaimed, quite adamantly, “There’s a man at the window, and he’s watching me.”. I turned to see a bird’s nest immediately outside his window. It was rocking back and forth. There were two birds chirping, cooing, and comforting each other as in a love nest, for spring. They were attending to, and clearly caring for each other’s needs. My father kept insisting there was a man there. What I did see was a prism of light from the bird feeder flickering and dancing across the window and into the room. It was quite beautiful. A couple of more times in the following weeks, my father again mentioned the man at the window, there were the birds, frolicking, playing, loving each other while the rainbow of lights flickered and danced.

When my dad passed, I went to sit at his bedside one last time with his body, and pay my respects. Then, the most miraculous event happened. While I sat in silence, the two birds appeared at the window. The nest swayed and rocked as they chirped and worked. Then this incredible prism of light slowly, meticulously, left a trail from my dads feet up the centre of his body to his face, and paused there, dancing – a rainbow of colours beaming in all directions, shining this incredible prism, like a kaleidoscope. It was truly a sign.

There is not a doubt in my mind, that the man at the window, watching over my dad, was my brother Greg, waiting for him to pass, guiding him through the process, showing his love, support and safe passage so he wouldn’t be afraid. My father always said that he wanted to be with his son again, and now he was. Greg was there, waiting the whole time.

The birds, the man at the window, the prism of light –all messages that all would be well, my dad would be at peace, and that he again connected in love with his son.

It was an honour to see and be part of this process. I encourage you to go into your own intuition, sensations, feelings, and see what resonates with you when communicating with the energy of people you love. Please leave a message and let me know about your experiences. As an intuitive, I am always inspired by people opening themselves up to possibility without limitations. Hear with your heart, get rational thinking out of the way, and be open to letting guides and spirits, loved ones and angels, speak to you from beyond. Miracles will show up - your every day experiences become untamed and expanded.


Susan Lee Woodward

Medical Intuitive/Channeler/Reiki Practitioner/Writer

© Susan Lee Woodward -2015 - This article in its entirety is protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. Reproduction of this written content without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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