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7th Chakra - The Grace Bank Account

7th Crown Chakra – The Grace Bank Account

“God is love, and he who is in love is in God and God in him.”

~ Eckhart Tolle – The Soul is One With God

Our 7th Chakra is the gateway to the divine. It is intimate, highly personal, and allows spirituality to become part of our lives. Divine connection helps us release fears, live in the moment, and open up an intuitive gateway to source that is ever present, ever lasting, and supersedes any and all religious affiliations through an individual experience of soul connection that is ethereal.

How do we get there? What is required of us?

  • What are our spiritual connectors?

  • What is a spiritual awakening?

  • What is a spiritual crisis?

Spiritual Connectors


  • top of the head

Energy Connection to Physical Body

  • central nervous system, skin, muscular system

  • the entry point for our connection to source

Energy Connection to Emotional Body

  • inspiration, creativity

  • transcendence, mystical connection


  • prana, grace, insight, intuition


  • “dark night of the soul”, loss of identity

  • loss of connection


  • faith

Sacrament Connection

  • crown, infinite possibility

  • dark side – shadow revelations

  • nothing and everything – the Buddhist way

Through the portal of the crown chakra, we must release the physical of our past and morn the previous phase of our life – move on. Unfinished business will arise requiring release of regrets, and accepting the choices we made at the time we made them. Live in the moment.

A Spiritual Awakening

It is a common theme among mystics who have ameliorated through this process to go through what St. John of the Cross calls, The Dark Night of the Soul. It is transformation of a personal spiritual path that leads one to “know” God. There is a shift in emphasis from a tribal religious following of blind faith to spirituality involving a leap of faith. Universal truths are revealed through intuition and insight.

To realize connections among all living systems – people; animals; the earth; the solar system; the universe with that thread of holistic connection, brings profound peace, clarity, and acknowledgement of purpose.

It is ironic that what we call counter-intuitive, that goes against all reason, becomes the higher and preferred way of decision-making. Just as gravity is based on natural law, in existence for millennia before we applied a mathematical formula to it, it existed in its pure state, without labels or judgment. It just is. So is the intuitive process based on natural laws that are governed by the intuitive cosmic energy and divine guidance of The Universe. Using your intuition is a form of spiritual maturity. Tapping into that source provides guidance and wisdom beyond anything the earthly mind could have created on its own.

A Spiritual Crisis

A spiritual crisis is similar to a psychological crisis. It IS The Dark Night of the Soul journey that is taken alone. This devotion to practice or inter-connection is to lift us into connection. Confront fears, and pursue the shadow side. Challenge false Gods. Rid yourself of unfinished business. The power of the spirit becomes stronger than the body. How do you know if you are in spiritual crisis?

  • Something is trying to wake you up inside. There is absence of meaning in your life. Do not confuse this with lack of ambition or chronic complaining.

  • Fear. It is new and ethereal. You feel like you are losing your identity.

  • A burning desire to experience a devotion to something greater than oneself. Connection with source – to something eternal and infinite.

Many are drawn to false higher powers that are detractors from a genuine 7th chakra calling.

  • sport teams, movie stars, street gangs, gurus, corporations, money, political parties

Enduring the Dark Night

  • Have faith – all will be well.

  • Prayer – daily prayer or meditation – a ritual with intention (not addiction), used as energy medicine

  • A Spiritual Director – Find a mentor and guide, a life raft, keep a journal

  • Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not an oncoming train.

“Anyone who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light” ― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave

The choice is yours. You can become in every moment, of every day. Make that choice to live in truth, take responsibility for what is, develop authentic prayer and a conscious connection to source, act and think with love, make wise decisions, live in service, and live in the moment. Become a living resurrection, and know that you are divine.


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While in my own words the categories of Spiritual Connectors, Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Crisis were adapted from Anatomy of the Spirit – Chapter 7 ~ Caroline Myss

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