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The Third Eye - 6th Centre - Intuitive Wisdom

6th Centre – The Third Eye – Intuitive Wisdom

We have two choices in life. Our thoughts can either be motivated by strength or by fear. Through the choices we make, governed in the 5th. Centre Throat Chakra, we can, through this portal of connection to spirit and intuition, affect the quality of the person we are continually evolving to become. It is not a destination really, but, rather, a lifelong journey of becoming.

“…each person is capable of making deeply significant contributions to the lives of others, not just through their profession, but more important, through their quality of the person they become.” P. 238 Anatomy of the Spirit ~ Caroline Myss

Significance of the Third Eye


  • centre of the forehead

Physical Energy Connection

  • brain, pineal gland, pituitary gland, eyes, ears, nose

Emotional Energy Connection

  • links intelligence to the psyche

Symbolic Connection

  • lessons lead us to wisdom with detachment

Sacrament Connection

  • creation in the energy dimension

Our job is to bring to light truth, and reveal the shadow side of the personality, to shed light on illusion, to grow creativity, to tap in to emotional intelligence, and to serve our intuition.

When we separate truth from illusion, with emotional detachment, their lies symbolic meaning that permeates the psyche and brings a much richer, more fulfilled meaning to what is experienced in our human bodies on this planet. Energy resonates from each and every one of us, and, to uncover truth in all it’s richness and light, can heal people, communities and nations.

There is that proverbial saying that one must put on their own oxygen mask before they can help another. I encourage you to answer the following questions, see what shadows come up for you, and seek to heal past wounds, childhood trauma, and current health issues. The door to intuition and connection to others and the divine, will shine brightly down on you, no matter what your circumstances, allowing a degree of contentment, joy and happiness that will fill your thoughts with positive energy and melt away the negative patterns and beliefs.

Questions for Self-Examination

  • What beliefs do you have that cause you to interpret the actions of others in a negative way?

  • What negative behavioural patterns continually surface in your relationships?

  • What attitudes do you have that disempower you?

  • What beliefs do you accept that you know are not true?

  • Are you judgmental? If so, what situations or relationships tend to bring out that tendency in you?

  • Do you give yourself excuses for behaving in negative ways?

  • Can you recall instances in which you were confronted with a more profound level of truth than you were used to hearing and found the experience intimidating?

  • What beliefs and attitudes would you like to change in yourself?

  • Are you comfortable thinking about your life in impersonal terms?

  • Are you frightened of the changes that might occur in your life, should you openly embrace a conscious lifestyle?

Applying Detachment

“Try as we will, we cannot forever “visit” the truth and then return to illusion. At some point the process of change itself moves us forward.” p. 261 Anatomy of the Spirit ~ Caroline Myss

It is crucial to release the old and embrace the new. Change is inevitable. With change comes a larger dynamic and gives us the opportunity to re-examine our understanding of what is true. Integrating our perceptions that are true, from our minds into our bodies, creates a natural flow of energy, where we can live them, so this power becomes our own energy - one and the same.

Becoming Conscious – List – Anatomy of the Spirit ~ Caroline Myss p. 255

  • Develop a practice of introspection, and work to become conscious of what you believe and why

  • Keep an open mind, and learn to become aware when your mind is “shutting down”

  • Recognize defensiveness as an attempt to keep new insights from entering your mental field

  • Interpret all situations and relationships as having a symbolic importance, even if you cannot immediately understand what it is.

  • Become open to receiving guidance and insight through your dreams

  • Work toward releasing any thoughts that promote self-pity or anger, or that blame another person for anything that has happened to you.

  • Practice detachment. Make decisions based upon the wisest assessment you can in the immediate moment, rather than working to create a specific outcome.

  • Refrain from all judgments – not just those rendered against people and all situations, but those that concern the size or importance of your tasks.

  • Learn to recognize when you are being influenced by a fear pattern.

  • Detach from all values that support the belief that success in life means achieving certain goals.

  • Act on you inner guidance, and give up your need for “proof” that your inner guidance is authentic.

  • Keep all your attention in the present moment – refrain from living in the past or worrying about the future. Learn to trust what you cannot see far more that what you can see.

I invite you to comment, share your experiences with Medical Intuition or whether or not you liked the information in this blog. I love sharing what I do and I appreciate your feedback.

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The information in this blog was gathered from the book Anatomy of the Spirit ~ Caroline Myss.

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