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Heart and Soul Connection - 4th Chakra Medical Intuition

Emotional Power

The 4th chakra is emotional in nature, and contributes to our emotional development. It teaches us to act out of love. It is the bridge between our feeling and mental lives in relation to our bodies. It filters our internal perceptions and determines the quality of our lives. This is where we go inside and “see” the nature of what we hold to be truths about who we are at our core.

Learning the Power of Love

Learning love comes to us in stages.

Tribal Love – Family expectations of loyalty and tribal support

Friendships – “outsiders”, sharing

Love of External Things – personal, physical, material needs

“Love helps us heal others and ourselves.” – Anatomy of the Spirit. p. 200

Anger, heartache, and feelings of betrayal can all reside in the 4th heart centre

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking and releasing these painful feelings.

Loving Oneself as a Path to the Divine

“Loving oneself as a fourth chakra challenge means having the courage to listen to the heart’s emotional messages and spiritual directives.” p. 202

Within us all is the wounded child that is looking for resolution and healing. Emotional baggage from our youth continues to operate as patterns in adulthood. Negative self-images lead to negative patterns of behaviour such as anorexia, obesity, alcoholism and other addictions. Unhealed wounds keep us living in the past.

“…forgiveness is a spiritual act of perfection, but it is also a physically healing act.” p. 204

It becomes essential in health and spiritual growth to forgive in order to fully heal by detaching from the old wounds that keep us stuck living in the past and robbing us of our present.

Awakening the Conscious Self

“What about me?”

The heart centre is where we create the bridge to connect with others while still honouring our emotional wants and needs. Self-examination requires change. This is where we meet the self and transformational changes can be of monumental proportions and instant.. Successful intimate partnerships come with a clear understanding of the self.

Stress is a cause of physical illness. When who you are does not match who you present yourself to be, or you cannot be yourself in a relationship setting, dis-ease is the result. Repairing emotional injuries repairs physical and emotional health.

Moving Beyond the Language of Wounds

“Woundology” p. 209 is...

  • relationship currency

  • wounds become the substance of conversation

  • we wallow in our stories that we tell which keeps us stuck

  • an investment in endless emotional support

  • we bond using our wounds as an act of intimacy

This kind of bonding creates wounded mates. Neediness is at the core.

To have compassion is to honour another’s suffering while bringing back power.

  • allow time for healing

  • “create a model for healthy intimacy that is empowered yet still vulnerable.” p. 215

The Path to the Empowered Heart

Step 1“Know your wounds.” Commit to healing all the way.

Step 2 ‘’Identify your wounds.” Find one person to work with you on this.

Step 3“Once you have verbalized your wounds, observe how you use them to influence or even control the people around you as well as yourself.”

Step 4Identify the positive from wounds. Live with gratitude for what you have learned. Start a spiritual practice and stick to it.

Step 5 – Take on the challenge of forgiveness.

Step 6 Live in the moment. Leave the past behind. Live in gratitude. Invite change.

“More than releasing from blame the people who caused our wounds, forgiveness means releasing the control that the perception of victimhood has over our psyches. The liberation that forgiveness generates, comes in the transition to a higher state of consciousness – not just in theory, but energetically and biologically.” p. 215

Expand your heart, grow in love, and live your life in the fullest, richest way possible.


  • My heart beats to the rhythm of love.

  • I love and approve of myself.

  • I joyously release the past.

The content of this blog while in my own words, (except where quotations were used and cited) was extracted from the teachings of Caroline Myss, my mentor, from the book Anatomy of the Spirit.

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